Navy Kings 2: Portholes (2004)

Starring: Benn Davis, Daniel Paxton, Dean Edwards, Fernando Nielsen, Fred Goldsmith, Ken Spencer, Paul Skerritt, Ray Phillips, Renato Bellagio, Rick Bauer, Roberto Giorgio, Tim Brensen
Categories: Anal, Athletes, Eastern European, Masturbation, Military/Uniform, Oral, Threeway, Uncut, White
Studio: Diamond Pictures
Date Added: 2004
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A lustful sailor's sexual adventures at hotel on the beautiful island of Santorini. The group gathers at the bar, near an indoor swimming pool. From time to time, a small group breaks away for a private sexual interlude. The first consists of 2 sailors and 2 officers - Ken Spencer and Benn Davis as the officers lead the way and Tim Brensen and Daniel Paxton are the obedient sailors who get things going on the staircase. Back at the bar 3 other hot sailors, Rick Bauer, Fernando Nielsen and Paul Skeritt break way and wander to a private sitting room for some fun of their own. They quickly form a cascade of cocksuckers, with Fernando, exhibiting his sculptured shoulders, chest, and torso on top, muscular Rick in the middle, and Paul on the bottom. Meanwhile, hunky Fred Goldsmith, Dean Edwards, and bartender, Roberto Giorgio begin looking to get some action of their own. Later, Rick and Ray strip off their clothes and head for a nude swim in the adjacent pool. They swim back and forth, racing through the water, and then relax and kiss poolside like lovers. Finally, Renato can't stand it any longer, strips off his clothes and jumps in the pool. They join him and a loving, lustful three-way begins. Whew!