Sword Master (2002)

Starring: Adam Gosett, Andras Molnar, Attila Koti, Fred Fele, George Vidanov, Janos Volt, Jose Ganatti, Krisztian, Nico Blade, Richard Frank
Director: Sebastiano Brogi
Categories: Anal, Athletes, Eastern European, Fantasy, Feature, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Uncut
Studio: Private Man
Date Added: 2002
(736.3 Mb)

Enter the fabulous world of Roman legions struggling to expand the Empire against barbarian German tribes when men were men and acted accordingly! To stop needless slaughter, Herman, a magnificent, undefeated tribal warlord, is forced into slavery to save his men. Dragged off to Rome, the Emperor himself takes charge of our hero's education soon convincing him that when in Rome do as a Roman does! A new exciting world for our Germanic warrior with special Latin lessons, uniforms, bath house initiations and intrigues where jealous senators plot to overthrow the Emperor. Stunningly handsome men, unusual locations from field-tent to imperial palace and steam baths as well as visits to the Emperor's couch make for non-stop action in surroundings to awaken your every fantasy.