The sacrifice in this time is SHIZUKA KIRIYA who is lovely and has dynamite tits. SHIZUKA is very recommended slut for the man who have frustration for poor tits slut. Moreover, she is so lovely. SIZUKA has been bullied by devil brute who appear in nakedness. Not only the insult play course of TOKYO HOT but also how a special 3 holes skewer play has done. Well, it should be done like that if we call special. The story is a story of the teacher who has gone for one??™s post to the high school in Tokyo. SHIZUKA of a new teacher wears a pink suit to the body and introduces herself with renewed vigor. However, the student at the most foolish high school in Tokyo doesn??™t have what SIZUKA was talking??¦

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3 holes skewer play
??“Shizuka Kiriya??“
Updated / 02-21-2006
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