GAY DVD - Hard On: London Underground (Dark Alley Media) - 2010

Year: 2010
Country: Great Britain
Studio: Dark Alley Media
Cast: Adam Pierce, Andreas Cavalli, Ashley Ryder, Carl Jacobs, David Marco, Glenn Coste, Igor Lucas, Jacob, Mark Thorn, Matthias von Fistenberg, Max Schneider, St. Davide
Director: Matthias von Fistenberg
Keywords: Age: College Freshmen to Late 20s, Age: Daddies/Men, Body Types: Beefy/Bodybuilders/Muscle Men, Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers, Body/Chest Hair: Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Butt Play: Dildos/Plugs/Toys, Butt Play: Finger Fucking/Probing, Butt Play: Fisting/Extreme Assplay, Butt Play: Foreign Objects/Getting Creative, Cast's Looks: Butch/Rugged/Tough, Cast's Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome, Cock Sizes: Big and Thick, Deep Throating/Gagging, Deep/Manly Kissing, Facial Hair: Beards, Facial Hair: Five-O-Clock Shadow/Scruff, Facial Hair: Goatees/Soul Patches, Fetish: Leather (Extreme), Fetish: Watersports, Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks, Group Sex/Orgy Scene, Kinky/Nasty Pig/Raunchy, Men in/of Great Britain, No Condoms: Barebacking, Piercings: Navels/Nipples/Tongues, Rimming (Ass Eating), Rough Sex ('Take it, bitch!'), Tattoos: Extreme/Full Sleeve/Heavily Inked, Theme: Sex Club
Genres: Extreme Sex, Fetish/Kink, Foreign/International Cast

"Matthias von Fistenberg and Dark Alley Media have invested the UK and Suzie Kruger's infamous monthly fetish party "Hard On" to bring you this dark, seedy sex crawl and bottomless fisting fodder. Set deep down in the London Underground, Fistenberg recruits some of the hottest and filthiest wankers from all over Europe, for a night of raw ass pounding, huge cock worship, steamy piss action and elbow-deep fisting."
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Duration : 1h 44mn
Overall bit rate : 2 165 Kbps
Width : 848 pixels
Height : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Audio Format : MPEG Audio

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