School Of Hard Knox


Cast: Zoe Voss, Joanna Angel, Ranie Mae, Juliette Black, Shay Ryan

Watch as Joanna and her team of vixens make their way to the head of class by giving head to the entire class, and everyone else. "The movie is about a bunch of punk rock sluts trying to pass their chemistry class. It's really happy, colorful, and funny- with a whole bunch of awesome sex in it," says Joanna. "I basically took your typical school girl fetish, and sprinkled some Joanna Angel on it, and came out with this. I think the consumers will be pleased!"

"School Of Hard Knox" stars Joanna Angel, Juliette Black, Ranie Mae, Shay Ryan, Zoe Voss. Joanna Angel is constantly distracted by dirty sexual thoughts that are only satisfied by her morning fix of sucking cock behind the school. This scandalous behavior has resulted in too many absences and missed schoolwork, and the Chemistry teacher just assigned a final project of turning lead into gold. With the odds stacked against her Joanna must figure out an impossible scientific phenomenon to pass this project on time or she won't graduate! Fortunately, she has a crew of slutty, punk-girl classmates who are willing to help...even if that means they have to fuck their teachers, or the biggest nerds in school, or even the mascot.