My Virtual Teacher Jayna

Country: USA
Genre: P.O.V. - Point of View, Interactive, Virtual Sex
Studio: Bouncy Pictures
Jayna Oso, Jayna
There are seven good reasons to learn from Jayna Oso! Do your homework or you'll pay the price with this hot teacher. You wouldn't want to miss out on an earlyer mark for being naughty now would you? Oh, wait, its to late, now your in trouble and shes making you be the boss this time...
7 good reasons to learn with Jayna Oso!:
Nice to teacher's pet.
Helps her students.
Private lessons available.
Open book policy.
Advanced learning.
After class ass.
Progressive classroom.
DVD features:
True Virtual Reality
100% Your View
Fuck Her Anytime
Make Her Swallow
Watch Her Strip
Meet Your Teacher
Learning Assessment
Private Tutoring
Work For Extra Credit
Pop Quiz
Quality: DVD5
Format: DVD -Image
Size 3.53gb
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR
Bitrate : 4 743 Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3, 2 ch
Bitrate : 192 Kbps
Laufzeit:ca 120 min


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