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So I was chilling at my house when my girlfriend came in from school. All dressed up really hot I started playing with my camera with her. At first she was a little shy but then she started liking it. I asked her if she want it to play with me, so she was up for it. First, we went to the sofa and she started showing me her boobs, very nice Asian tits! Then she got naked and showed me her amazing ass that i just can't resist. She was wearing a sexy thong that make me want more. So we took it outside, because she has this outside fetish of having sex in public. So we started teasing a little and then she started sucking my dick. She is so hot. Her way of licking my dick is her was of making me come faster. So while she was doing all this, I was still filming her, and she loved it! Now , I want to share this home video with you guys, to check out how Melody tan makes her first blow job on camera.

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