Virtual Dreams McKenzie Lee | 4.3GB + Bonus Disk | 3.4GB

Cover Text: Welcome to a Virtual Fantasy, a world of breathtaking realism were Europe's Hottest girls are waiting to have sex with you!
The most basic form of interactive porn uses DVD technology that allows the viewer to make choices about what sorts of sex they want to see, how long it lasts and in what order it happens. The DVD is set up such that the viewer chooses what to do ?€?with?€? the female porn star next (e.g. perform oral sex on her, receive oral sex, grab certain body parts, etc?€¦) Most interactive porn DVDs are shot in ?€?point of view?€? style so the viewer (who is always assumed to be a man) can watch the action and insert themselves into the scene. In most cases there are female actors having sex who we see but the male actors face is never seen, instead the viewer sees their body from the point of view as if it were their body.
Often these titles feature well-known porn stars and market themselves as an opportunity to have sex with a porn star. Interactive DVDs don?€™t offer much more interactivity than any other

DVD porn, and are mostly a marketing ploy
DVD Features: Bonus: Supplemental Material, Chapter Selection, Multi-Angle Virtual Sex Scenes, Photo Gallery, Star Bios, Trailers
Breite : 704 Pixel
H?¶he : 576 Pixel
Bildseitenverh?¤ltnis : 4:3
Format : AC-3
Bitraten-Modus : konstant
Bitrate : 192 Kbps
Gesamtlaufzeit:ca 150min

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