Cherry Jul Cherry Jul

Hi Guys, Im Cherry Jul and Id like to welcome you to my new place. Needless to say its a day to celebrate! Ive been dreaming about moving into this place for awhile and now Im finally here. I was so excited last night that I didnt get much sleep at all thinking about where I would masturbate for the first time as well as where my first good shagging might be. I woke up before the sun rose and began touching myself all over. I laid in my bed and played with moist pussy for a while and then went to my bathroom and stood in my bathtub caressing my sexy body wrapped in my favorite pink towel. I let my towel drop just past my tits as I began touching myself all over drifting my towel up over my ass. I sat down in the corner of the tub and grabbed the nozzle and gave it a good sucking before spraying my hot pussy down with H2o, sticking it inside and filling myself up and playing with my eager clit. I pulled the nozzle from my pussy and the water gushed out , it felt so good I just kept doing it over and over again. I pulled the nozzle from my pussy and got up on my knees and then I fucked my pussy from below, filling it from the bottom up. Then I pulled the nozzle out and tightened my pussy, forcing the water out as hard as I could, its just one of the things that I like to do to get my pussy nice and tight. I sat back down and put my foot up on the side of the tub and then I sprayed my quivering hole down and pulled back the hood covering my sensitive little bean. It was so sensitive I could feel each and every drop of water hitting it over and over again. I held my skin back exposing my pink little pleaser and kept the nozzle on point until I had a big orgasm, and one I could be proud of! Time to break in the other rooms!

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