Vizio di famiglia

Letizia Bruni, Francesco Malcom, Uma, Gabriel Montoya, Giorgio Grandi, Celine Dior, Frank Vesuvio
Scene 1 Ė Vizio Di Famiglia-1 (Family issues)

Franco tells his brother Giorgio that he has invited an english woman to help them cook and clean around the house. This reminds Giorgio of how upset he still is that his mother decided to run away with an englishman. Later, Franco gets angry at Giorgio when he is spying on their new guest, Jennifer, in the bathroom.The next morning, Giorgio is upset at Franco for making out with Jennifer the night before. In her room, Franco confesses to his brother that Jennifer is actually their sister, and that it was too difficult to tell him at first, so he thought he would let him get used to her presence before he did. This is why he was angry at him earlier for spying on her. Then they all decide to put their problems aside and have a hot threesome.HOT scene- two brothers banging their sexy sister!

Scene 2 Ė Tale padre tali figli(Like father, like son)

Celia misses her mother, who has recently died of illness. She always fights wih her older brother, Alessio, whom Father is angry at for jerking off to gay porn. Later, during a walk in the forest, Daughter is fascinated by a used condom and some porn that she finds, so father shows her his cock and teaches her how to use it. Father wants to know why Alessio always stays in his room alone. He says everyone knows his friends are gay. Alessio says theres nothing wrong with it. Father gets angry and mocks him for taking dance lessons in front of his sister. Father explains to his daughter that he called his son a faggot, and they both agree they have to do something about it. When Alessio comes home, Father tells him Celia has a fever, and he has been waiting for him to take her temperature. She tells him to put the thermometer in her ass and to massage it. Alessio understands that he has been tricked, and decides to show them both what he is capable of. Father is pround of his son. Both agree that Celia is a slut.

Scene 3 Ė Zia e nipoti (aunt and nephew)

Carla feels guilty about being hot for her grown-up son. She canít resist sucking his cock when she finds him sleeping naked on the couch. Mother later tells her son that her sister, Sonia, whom he has never met, is greedy for their deceased motherís house, and that they have to go there in the morning and make sure she and her son donít get their hands on it first. Sonia says he wants their family to be whole again, but Carla says sheís lying, and goes for a walk in the forest. Mother finds her nephew, Soniaís son, and tells him how much he has grown while he is taking a piss. He starts to suck his cock. He says itís not right and runs away. Son tells his aunt that she will not get the house, no matter what. When he later finds his cousin licking his momís pussy, he decides heís going to teach him a lesson. Later, Mom and Aunt Sonia talk about how much the house has changed since they were little, and mom reminds her sister that she still think her motives are insincere. When she starts kissing her, Sonia is scared their sonís might catch them, but reminds her that she used to like it when they were younger. Sonia finally submits to her sister. Son tells her cousin that Sonia, his mother, is a lesbian, and proves it by showing him. Later, son joins his mother and aunt in bed. Carla tells her sister that itís ok because he is blood of their blood, and he will never mistreat them like their past husbands have. Later nephew joins them in a hot orgy. Afterwards, they agree to all share the house together.

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Title: Vizio di famiglia
Date: 2005
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