FTV Girls - Sofia - Teen at Heart (2011) | 4.75 GB
I've been wanting to shoot for FTV for a long time and a lot of girls I've worked with had a good time with it. So here I am! I'm originally from Chicago, and still living there with a mainstream job. I was doing porn a year ago, but retired for a while. Adult sites tend to shoot me in the teen look, so its refreshing to present me as 22 years old. Because I am 22, not 18! There was a Japanese company that even asked me to say that I'm 17 on camera! I guess its legal there. When I did actually turn 18, I worked as a stripper in Chicago, and then moved to a mainstream job that I still have. I didn't know the photographer was a dentist, but he mentioned my two front crowns. Well I was a skateboarder back in my early teens, and through a pipeline I had a faceplant that broke my two front teeth. I ended up going to a ghetto dentist that fixed them but they weren't that great. I'm planning to have new all ceramic crowns by the end of this year, it will be nice. My background is part Brazillian and German, with a little bit of Sicillian too.

Funny how the photographer is a nerd and likes star trek. Well I was a nerd too back in my early teens, and I played D&D board games and Warhammer. I'd beat the boys every time. I guess I was more a tomboy back in the day and blossomed later when I realized boys really like me. That's when I lost my virginity, at 16. Since then I've loved having sex, but right now I don't have a boyfriend. The toys were fun but I'm a finger rubber! What I mean by that is that I like using only my fingers to masturbate. For whatever reason its harder to concentrate with things vibrating even though they feel good. By the way, I've never told ANYONE about how I used to masturbate humping a pillow, so I must really like what I'm doing here

Videographer/Photographer's Comments: She had a giant bag with her, maxed out in weight -- with a lot of clothes to choose from. She had taken interest in how the girls on FTV tend to wear sexy dresses & heels. Most of the shoots she ends up doing are the 'teen in pigtails look' and she was happy to try something more mature. We went right on location, a popular tourist destination and did the sexy intros there. At one point, this older guy came to stir up trouble, but thankfully we were mostly done with what I wanted to shoot there. She's a fun personality and so beautiful in person. Like she said, just some work on her crowns coming up and she'll be all set with a beautiful smile. I tried having her masturbate with a vibrator on location as well, she was going into 'fake mode', so we then figured out that she prefers masturbating with fingers only in personal life. I don't mind that at all, since most girls need toys, and its nice & fresh to see a girl get off with only fingers. Going home she did that, and had a real, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. On location, we continued the risky shooting at a resort area, using the beautiful place to get some sexy photo & video, with a lot of teasing and nude walking. The last video is an outtake, when she was getting ready at the beginning of the shoot.