(LF) Princess Flower Mountain - Maho Ep 1-(Censored)(Raw)

Naoki has returned home after a long time, the visit to a lover in a childhood friend Maho. To people in her room ... SEX. She was minutes away from the past, but I thought let's Naoki now slowly recovering, his mail comes on suddenly such. There is fucked stranger had been attached along with the silliness of Maho reflection images are willing .... See the image in front of the dazed Naoki, a close friend of the sender of the email in full sail, women appear to live next to her room. According to her, now, she said that Maho dating upperclassman Kamijo Guse notoriously bad girl in high school. Looking from the balcony of her room a peek not believe it is said, gingerly Naoki see her room. There was a kiss that the figure of the rich and Maho ... Kamijo.

Info :
RELEASED DATE: 2011/04/15
Name : Princess Flower Mountain - Maho
Category: Genre: Ahegao, Oral, Straight, Big tits, Virgin, NTR, Slut
Quality : DVDrip
Format : MKV
Resolution: 704x396
File Size 1 :264.40 MB
Duration : 30 min.
Language : Japanese
censor : Censored
Subbed : None
Quality : Excelent
Episode : 1

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