Hello! Another threat from me - trusted uploader what you can see by other posts and time that i'm here!

This threat will be amazing and never seen before collection of photos that i found on various places like phones, laptops, dvd's, memory cards, pendrives and other storages!
People sometime forget to delete personal files... Others delete but thinks that it's OK and no one can see their files!!!!

THEY DON'T KNOW THAT ALL FILES CAN BE EASILY RECOVERED!!!! So... now you all can see what i found

Many files i have already restored but all the time i buy used memory card/pendrives and other to find interesting materials.... and share it to you all here!

Also all my posts are done MANUALY so if you have some questions or just wanted to say thanks - feel free to contact me

Greetings and ENJOY MY THREAD!!!

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Photos was found on just buyed iPhone 4!!! This chick don't know that if you are selling your phote you should delete all photos, contacts, sms!!! There are over 250 photos of super hot brunette and her boyfriend doing crazy things in bed!!! Totally amazing!!!! Photos never seen before!

SIZE: 308 MB
Format: .jpg

251 HIGH Quality pics !!

Want to see all the photos? Download Link: