Japan's most beautiful mixed race beauty Takizawa Rola(滝泽ローラ) Announced started in AV movie, newest and fresh from 2012/July/12

"File Size: 980.3 MB
File Type: avi
Playing Time: 02:00:01 min
Video Resolution: 720x406
"ABS130-Takizawa Rola01
ABS130-Takizawa Rola02
ABS130-Takizawa Rola03
ABS130-Takizawa Rola04
ABS130-Takizawa Rola05
ABS130-Takizawa Rola06
ABS130-Takizawa Rola07
ABS130-Takizawa Rola08
ABS130-Takizawa Rola09
ABS130-Takizawa Rola10"

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