Dirty Tricks (1993)

Starring: Angela Summers, Britt Morgan, Tom Chapman, Nina Hartley, Ron Jason, Vinnie La Marca.

“It’sabout a guy who has trouble with chick until he finds a puppet with all the answers.
“It’s Jace Rocker’s Dirty Tricks, Angela Summer’s final adult role, and perhaps her hottest ever. But then again, she’s got two of porn’s hottest superstars to play off of.
“Watch Dirty Tricks and find what Angela Summers has up her sleeve…and down her skirt.”


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Arabika (1992)

Starring: Deborah Wells, Jasmine, Rita Olivski, Sunny McKay, Lynn LeMay, Yves Baillat, Christoph Clark, Luigi de Giostri, Mario De Sica, Ron Jeremy, Patrick Le Nain, Roberto Malone, Philippe Soine, Richard Voisin.

The most beautiful girl in the world is a slave. She is one of many in the Prince’s harem… guarded from the world; her sole purpose is to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetite!
Brought to you by the Italian King of Porn, Mario Salieri… enter his world of debauchery and wickedness!
Synopsis (French): Les plus belles filles du monde, esclaves dans le harem d’un prince, ne pensent qu’a se surpasser sexuellement, pour ne pas finir livrees en pature a des prisonniers en manque ! Ce film digne du maitre du hard italien Mario Salieri vous entrainera dans un univers luxueux ou la debauche regne en maitre!


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