Lacie - FTVGirls 08/25/2012

Lacie - Redhead Grows Up!

Lacie comes back for another round with FTV, and she has a newer, more fit look! She's always been the kind of girl who likes to experiment sexually and loves to try kinky new things... the perfect girl for some FTV style action. We watch her take a shower, shave her pubic area, and dress up for us, then go out and walk completely naked through an office complex. She finds herself a large pink vibrating dildo, and pounds her wet vagina hard, fast and deep. Getting off from the experience, you can see the juicy buildup on the toy... Then in the pink room she finger masturbates 'natural style' and has a nice toe-curling orgasm. We go up close to see her clitoris and long labia in detail... and some major gaping so you can see deep inside. She loves stretching and pulling on her labia. Back outside, she flashes some guys in a neighborhood, then dresses down to use a very large summer squash. Its as big as she can take it, and she pushes it as deep as she can. We see several angles of the penetration, then watch her for another kinky challenge. In a rather public area, she takes on several baby zucchinis, managing to stuff 5 of them inside her! Then she shoots them out one by one, thanks to her strong vaginal muscles. She then parades around in a seethrough dress & heels, and shows off her slim, toned figure with some very sensual & flexible positions... that is until we get caught! A little flashing while cooling down at a restaurant, then she shows us her 'car vibrator', which plugs into the AC adapter. With a sexy dress & heels on, she masturbates in the car using the vibrator. Then for her extreme finale, she fists herself for the very first time! An erotic moment of pleasure & pain as her whole hand goes in. We're happy to see her for her 3rd visit, and showing off her extremes exclusively for FTV.

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Video: A Very Kinky Return - FTV Style Climax
Photo: Flexible Fister - Extreme Veggie Stuffing - She's Slim & Trim - Redhead Showing Pink



FTV Anniversary! 10 Years of FTV - The FTV 600 Supercoverpage

In commemorating this special event, we've made a supersized coverpage that you can print out. Spot the girls you love, spot the girls that are yet to be seen! Makes for a great poster on the wall... Don't ask how many man-hours it took me to make damned thing... 600+ girls...

Some things happening in the future:
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Starting 2013: All new shoots in 2013 will have a 12,000kb/sec HD option, photos will have a 4000px option.

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