Rihanna Topless But Covered Showing Off Her New Underboob Tattoo

Rihanna got a new tattoo… This one is in honor of her grandmother and under her titties no less. LOL… Over the weekend on Twitter,

Rihanna posted a message that her recently passed grandmother Dolly was always in and on her heart, she also posted a topless picture of

her new underboob/cleavage tattoo. The tattoo is of the Goddess Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility. Anyway, it is nice

to know Rihanna has completely lost it. And I am not sure that this particular winged goddess tat will age very well either. I am thinking

those wings will be covered by her hanging breasts in a few years. This tattoo is as bad or worse then when Mike Tyson got the face too in

honor of something or another… Hey folks, boobs don’t need any additional decorations. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.