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Max Hardcore is definitely among the most sought-after porn actors and well-respected porn flick producers in the industry. Born on the 10th of August 1956, this Wisconsin native is truly one hot male pornstar and producer of steamy flicks that mostly center on his sexual escapades with sexy, and alluring vixens.

Also known in the skin flick industry as Matthew Poulsen, Sham Shivnan, and Vince Hardcore, Max entered the industry after several years of posing and taking shots for numerous adult magazines. It was in 1990 when Max Hardcore decided to officially penetrate the porn industry. After meeting Bobby Hollander and landing a job as a segment producer for Hollander's videos, Hardcore became a full-fledged hardcore pornstar. Most of his self-produced flicks are commonly available only in Europe. In the said films, Hardcore, the sole male pornstar in his flicks, is usually seen wearing only his fave cowboy hat and a pair of socks while having sizzling and erotic scenes with several actresses. Most of his flicks showcase his uncanny ability of doing anal sex, but there are also movies that involve anal to oral movements, facial scenes, and deep throating.

As a proof of his European fame, Max Hardcore launched two flicks titled Harder than Hardcore and Harder than Hardcore 2 that highlight a hard metal rock OST performed by the 8mm Overdose band. The two films are polished to look more like a music video sort than a porn video. Although Max has received numerous criticisms and charges for allegedly insinuating child pornography in his movies, the actor and producer is still considered by many as the only producer that has brought the skin industry to new heights by introducing hot scenes like the anal sex.

Universal Max -1 (European version)

Stars: Chiquita Lopez Jessie (f) Venus Star Missy Misfit Monroe Valentino Summer Luv

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Universal Max -2 (European version)

Stars: Layla Rivera Barbie Bucxxx

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Universal Max -3 (European version)

Stars: Layla Rivera

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