The Franck Muller, do you love?

Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4
Price: $2,700,000
The watch, which contains 1,483 components, has 36 complications, the most of any watch in the world. It displays three time zones and a 999-year calendar, has a flyback chronograph, and chimes the Carillon Westminster melody on the hour (considered a very high complication), with small strikes on the quarter hour. It has a three-day power reserve for the movement and 24-hour reserve for the chime. The Mega 4 is a special-order watch available only in New York and Geneva. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Genthod, Switzerland.

A guide to quality watches online stores:
Many people can't resist the temptation of brand-name watches, but the price is always a little ‘amazing', that is why many people choose to buy quality watches like fashion brand Michael Kors Watches or luxury brand TAG Heuer Watches, Breitling Watches. If you are a big fan of quality watches, here is something you should pay attention to:

1. Make sure there is legitimate contact to your vendor. If there is no valid e-mail or phone number from whom you are purchasing then you need to find other stores. Upstanding business owners are always available for you to contact them.

2. You must beware if the dealer will not accept credit cards.
While trying to purchase authentic watches be sure to not pay cash to any vendor. A money order, check or credit card will give you a record of the transaction that is taking place.A different story is when a quality does not arrive at all. Here one can inform their credit card of a failure to deliver on the part of the dealer. Depending on the credit card used and the time elapsed between the purchase and the claim there are chances of revoking the payment and returning the money to the client. But here again our dealers found out ways to cling to their "hardly" stolen money. The techniques go on and on. Some of them write to the customers that the watch was seized by customs and they have to send another one, that the model you ordered just ran out of stock and they are waiting for it to come it, that they are verifying your payment against fraud, that its a chinese holiday and nothing is working, and any and all combinations of the above. Their creativity knows no boundaries. Of course they only do this to stall time and postpone the credit card claims.