Studio: Rentboy UK Platinum
Director: Adam Bailey
Source: United Kingdom
Cast: Paul Shane, Jake Smith, Karl Thomas, Kristian Kerner, Nico James, Sam Bishop, Alexander Syden, Leo Foxx, CJ Jacks, Alec Steele
Categories: Twink, Teens, Anal

Rentboy's Scally Twinks love to get dirty - nothing beats a mate's cock up their arse or a sticky load dripping down their throats and this non-stop fuckfest with baseball-capped lads slamming it home in real, unstaged sex will leave you wanting more. When Paul takes Jake back to his flat, the lads suck cock 69 style before Paul slips his dick into Jake's arsehole, thoroughly fucking him until he shoots his spooge into Jake's face. Paul bends over to lick up the tasty load and then finishes with Jake's wad in his face and on his tongue. Tracksuited slags Karl and Kristian kiss and rub each other's cocks in scene two. After a bout of sloppy oral, the lads embark on a hard and fast anal-fuck before Karl gives Kristian a mouthful of cum and leans in to take a sip of his own spooge. Sam and Nico are already a bit worse for wear when they relax on the bed with a can in each hand. Nico fumbles for Sam's cock and arouses his pal, so they end up 69ing - gnawing on each other's rock hard dicks. Sam heaves Nico's arse up and explores his hole with fingers and tongue and then pours his lager into his arse and laps it up. Now lubed with lager, Sam fucks Nico - hard and fast, stopping only when he has emptied his balls. Young British scallies Leo and Alex meet for the first time in the street when Leo asks for a fag. Alex tells him he's got some back at his flat and the two head off. But as soon as they walk into the kitchen, Leo hurls Alex on the kitchen counter and starts to explore his smooth young body. Anonymous rampant sex is Alex's idea of a good time and it's not long before Alex is on his knees to worship Leo's long cock. A dick sucking frenzy is soon underway before Alex bends Leo over the stool and slips his throbbing cock deep into his new-found fuck buddy. He shags his scally mate all over the kitchen until he pulls out and lands a shower of spunk on his skinny back. Finally, CJ and Alex are chatting on the bed about who they shagged at the weekend. The boys tease each other about the size of their cocks and how theirs must be bigger. To prove a point, both lads whip out their knobs and get them hard as a rock, but who has the biggest and who uses it best? Ten deliciously smooth twink scallies dressed in baseball caps, tracksuit bottoms and football t-shirts who are gagging to eat some cum and get a thick cock up their arse!
Product Format Information
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 1.69 GB
Duration : 2h 0mn
Overall bit rate : 2 001 Kbps
Width : 1 048 pixels
Height : 576 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Audio Format : AAC

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